ALQO’s Bitfineon Exchange Under Active Development

According to Jared Grey from the collective behind ALQO (ticker: XLQ, Coinmarketcap’s #430), the front-end of Bitfineon is actively being improved. For instance, a groundwork for the order types on this exchange has been laid and the asset price graph, too, has seen useful additions the clients would appreciate. In some places, the Bitfineon UI resembles Bitfinex but this is normal considering the similarity of tasks both platforms aim to solve for traders.

Bitfineon will support a unique feature called auctions and Jared Grey would appreciate to see it in the beta version. The currency deposit system shown in the latest video resembles a standard interface for online purchases. The exchange will support the ID verification compliant to KYC principles.

To develop this platform, the ALQO team went as far as to cut the budget for community management and some of the members left the team:

“There's nothing to "come clean" about... I stated the reasons why we reduced staff. We allocated the funds to development and that Raphael and Samuel were welcome to remain as Community Members, even as Community Managers if they so choose. If they do not choose to continue their role unpaid, that's a choice for them to make”, says Jared Grey on Discord.

ALQO has already appeared on the pages of in connection with the vote on 100K premine - a large sum which can potentially influence this small digital economic community for months to come. There is still an announcement to be made on the voting results.

This cryptocurrency is using Proof-of-Stake - you can learn more about this consensus algorithm technical aspects in our separate article.

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